13 Tips To Keep Your Car Smelling Fresh

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13 Tips To Keep Your Car Smelling Fresh

The smell in a car can make or break your driving experience. Some odors are simply unpleasant and can detract from the joy of being behind the wheel. Sometimes the smells in a car may not be apparent to you but whenever someone else enters your car, they complain about an unpleasant odor. This is why it’s important to maintain your car and keep it smelling fresh. Don’t know how?

Here are 13 tips you can use to make sure your car smells pleasant:

1. Remove All The Junk:

One of the quickest and easiest ways to keep your car fresh is to remove all trash and items that are no longer needed in the car. This includes old food containers, used tissues, empty bottles, and more. By getting rid of these items you’ll reduce the chance of any unpleasant odors as well as creating more space in your car.

2. Vacuum Regularly:

Vacuuming your car on a regular basis is an important step in keeping it smelling fresh. This can help pick up any dirt and dust that may be lingering and release any trapped odors. Make sure to vacuum thoroughly, including under the seats and other hard-to-reach places. You can also use an air freshener or dry shampoo after vacuuming to keep your car smelling clean.

3. Clean The Mats:

Another way to keep your car smelling fresh is to clean the floor mats. This can be done by simply vacuuming them, or you can take them out of the car and give them a deep clean with hot water and soap. This will help get rid of any odors that may be stuck in fabric or carpet fibers. You want to make sure the mats dry completely before placing them back in the car. Wet mats can cause mold and mildew, which will create a musty smell.

4. Use Baking Soda:

Baking soda is a natural odor absorber and is great for getting rid of any stale smells in your car. Sprinkle baking soda on your carpets and seats, let it sit overnight, then vacuum it up the next day. Baking soda can also be used in your car’s cup holders and ashtray to absorb any odors that may have been left behind.

5. Hang Air Fresheners:

Air fresheners come in a variety of scents and can help keep your car smelling fresh. However, use them lightly so you don’t overpower the car with the scent. You can also purchase air fresheners that are designed to last longer, such as gel beads or paper clips that you can hang from your rearview mirror.

6. Clean Your Air Vents:

Clean your air vents regularly to remove any dust or dirt that may be circulating in the air and causing odors. Vacuum out any buildup and wipe down the vents with a damp cloth to prevent unwanted smells from developing. With this move, you make it easier for air to flow freely and your car will smell fresh in no time.

7. Drive With The Windows Down

Sometimes the best way to keep your car smelling fresh is to let some fresh air in. Open the windows when you’re driving and it will help circulate the air inside your car and clear out any unwanted odors. Make it a habit to open your windows and let in some fresh air now and then.

8. Keep Unlit Scented Candles Under The Seat

Unlit scented candles can make a great, subtle way to keep your car smelling fresh. Place the candles strategically around the car, like under the seat or in the cup holders, and when you slide into your car it will be filled with a pleasant scent. It’s an easy and efficient way to maintain a good level of fragrance inside your car.

9.  Keep Coffee Beans Around

The smell of freshly brewed coffee can instantly brighten up your day. Keep some coffee beans inside the car and once in a while, just grab a handful and breathe in the aroma. You’ll be surprised how this simple action helps create a pleasant atmosphere in your car.

10. Use Aromatic Diffusers

Aromatic diffusers are great for keeping your car smelling fresh. They can be easily fitted to your air vents and the scent is released automatically as you drive, making sure that the interior of your car has a lovely aroma at all times. These diffusers come in many fragrances, so find one that best suits your preference.

11. Spray Perfume In The Car

Instead of using air fresheners, you can simply spray a bit of your favorite perfume inside the car. This is a great way to create an inviting and pleasant environment in your car. Just make sure that the scent of the perfume isn’t too strong – anything too heavy could be overpowering.

12. Don’t Smoke In The Car

Smoking inside the car is one of the worst things you can do for your car’s smell. Not only is it bad for your health, but it leaves behind a very unpleasant odor that can be difficult to get rid of. If you’re a smoker, try to limit it to smoking outside or in designated areas away from your vehicle.

13. Autodetailing Could Help

If you find that all the previously mentioned strategies aren’t enough to get rid of the smell, it might be time for professional car detailing. A deep clean, vacuum, and shampoo could help remove any stubborn odors and leave your vehicle smelling fresh and clean once again.

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