9 Unexpected Car Expenses And How To Prepare For Them

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9 Unexpected Car Expenses And How To Prepare For Them

Owning a car is a major financial commitment — second only to homeownership for most individuals. It all starts with the purchase price, insurance costs, regular maintenance, and, unfortunately, unexpected expenses. The last thing you want is to be caught off guard by a surprise expense or emergency repair.

To help you stay on top of your automotive budget, here are 9 unexpected car expenses and how to prepare for them:

Key Takeaways

Unexpected car expenses can be hard to prepare for. We’ll be highlighting the following 9 common and unexpected car expenses, so you know what you might encounter and how to plan ahead.

  • Accidents
  • Traffic tickets
  • Parking tickets
  • Increased premiums
  • Towing fees
  • Replacing keys
  • Replacing the windshield
  • Tire replacement
  • Vehicle maintenance and servicing

1. Accidents:

More than 5 million accidents happen every year in the United States alone. This means that, no matter how safe of a driver you are, you could end up paying out-of-pocket to repair damage caused by an accident. Even worse, you may be hurt or even face legal fees if another driver is at fault. The best way to prepare is to invest in comprehensive auto insurance coverage so that your repairs will be covered if something happens.

2. Traffic Tickets:

Not following traffic laws can result in expensive tickets and fines. To avoid this, it’s important to always obey the speed limit, yield to other drivers when appropriate, and be mindful of changing road conditions. It also helps to keep up with your vehicle registration renewals so that you don’t get hit with additional fees. Sometimes you may not be aware when a ticket is issued, but keeping an eye on your credit report and checking the mail can help ensure that you don’t miss any citations.

3. Increased Premiums

Your insurance company can raise your premium if they deem you to be a higher-risk driver. This can happen after an accident, ticket, or violation. To prevent this, always drive safely and follow the rules of the road. In addition, shop around for different insurance providers to make sure that you’re getting the best deal possible. The more competitive the marketplace, the better your chances of finding a good deal. If you find your monthly premiums too high, try to negotiate with insurance agents. There are reasonable discounts available for safer driving, and good credit scores, among other factors.

4. Parking Tickets

The best way to avoid parking tickets is to be aware of the local laws and regulations regarding parking. Always pay attention to signs and make sure that you’re within the correct zone when parking your car. Additionally, install a parking app on your phone which can alert you of any potential rules or restrictions in certain areas.

5. Towing Fees

In some cases, your car may be towed away for illegally parking in a restricted zone. Towing charges can add up pretty quickly, so it’s important to make sure you’re always following the rules regarding parking. Additionally, try to keep track of where you park your car at all times and double-check any time restrictions or regulations before leaving your vehicle in a particular area.

6. Losing The Keys

Losing your car keys can be a huge hassle and cost you quite a bit of money. To avoid this, make sure to always keep track of them and store them in a secure location when not in use. Also, you may wish to consider getting copies made as an extra precaution so that if they are lost or stolen, you have replacements ready to go. Finally, be sure to invest in a reliable keyless entry system that allows you access to your car without needing a physical key. This can help save time and money if the keys ever do get lost.

7. Replacing The Windshield

A cracked or chipped windshield can be an expensive fix and depending on the severity, you may need to replace it altogether. To prevent this from happening, be sure to regularly inspect your windshield for any signs of damage. If you ever do get caught in a hailstorm or other incident that could cause damage, take extra precautions such as covering the windshield with a blanket to minimize it.

8. Tire Replacement

The tires on your car are essential to the safety of the vehicle. It is important to regularly check your tire pressure and tread depth, as well as invest in quality tires with good warranties. If you ever do need to replace them, it’s best to shop around for the best price instead of going straight to the dealership.

9. Vehicle Maintenance And Servicing:

Regular vehicle maintenance is important for keeping your car running smoothly and safely. This includes regular oil changes, tire rotations, fluid level checks, and more. It’s also a good idea to stay up-to-date with manufacturer service intervals and any recalls that are issued so you can address any issues quickly before they become expensive problems. Be sure to keep a log of all the maintenance and servicing you have done, as this can help you stay on top of any potential issues and will be useful if you ever decide to sell your car.

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