Car Refuses To Start? Something’s Up With The Battery!

December 11th, 2023 by

Learn more about battery issues in your car

Car batteries are famously fickle & one of the most degradable parts under the hood because you never know when it might give out. For the most part, an electrolyte top-up, a thorough dusting, and a light scrub on the terminals is all it takes to keep your battery happy. A wet battery will last around 2-3 years before signing off, dry batteries will last longer, but they too have a shelf life.


You need to maintain your car batteries regularly. Pop the hood once a week to see if it’s bloating or if it smells like rotten eggs. You might catch the issue early on. Eastern Shore Toyota will breeze you through the basics of battery issues.


The Battery Warning Lights Up

Just like a faulty engine, a defective battery is unable to supply the required potential difference which triggers the sensors to alarm issues. There could be many causes why, but if it’s been pretty cold recently, that’s an obvious sign. Batteries falter in the cold!


The Engine Start Is Distinctively Slow

There is a characteristic engine start ‘chugging’ followed by instantaneous ignition sounds. With a weak battery, the engine seems to turn over pretty slowly, in a manner of describing. The battery is connected to the alternator then the starter motor, so a weak battery can hinder both motors, resulting in a delayed start or none at all. If the battery is completely dead, all you will get is a click on the key turn.


Dimmed Out Headlights

Regular beams that otherwise look like an AA battery-powered toy are a concern. The problem could lie in an old battery, an alternator that isn’t charging the battery when the engine is active, or the battery is damaged. Check the high beam & fog light settings too, and if they are also weak, you should be making your way to the auto mechanic.


Electricals Going Haywire

There are a lot of electrical accessories in your car that need a battery to function. With a weak battery, your power windows, radio, windshield wipers, & other controls won’t work well. Even your AC will be affected. The weak battery can also overheat components that are just trying to do their job, resulting in a domino damage effect!


What Could It Be?

While we’ve established that the battery is drained out or in some intermediate stage of damage, it’s always a smart thing to conduct a quick search under the hood. Pop the hood, wear some insulation gloves, and make sure you have handyman pliers in your car kit to get the fused battery terminal clips off. You are sure to find the following signs of a tortured battery.


  1. Rotten Egg Smell
  2. Deposit Coated Terminals
  3. Bulging Battey Body
  4. Electrolyte Oozing Out
  5. Low Electrolyte Gravity


If your car’s ignition & electrical are misbehaving, check your dashboard lights and get in touch with Eastern Shore Toyota at first light. Serving Bay Minette, AL, we offer specials on battery service & our pros will be looking into your car’s electrical system in the event something else gets fried. Don’t hold back on a bulging battery case even if it conducts a charge. We know its an emergency so you can buy now & pay later too!

Get your battery docked in for a service, with your car in tow, today!

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