The Evolving World Of Autonomous Automobiles In 2022

December 11th, 2023 by

Learn more about autonomous autos in 2022

The automotive industry is not one to stop until cars look like something out of Tron: Legacy or F9, which is no less exciting than anticipating the advancements of AI & autonomous cars. Here are some mind-blowing evolutions that have taken cars by storm, and you as the customer are guaranteed to benefit from all this sooner this year!


Electric & Hybrid Cars Domineering the Road

Electric cars used to receive much ill-directed hate back in the 2010s, but now, with the rise of plug-in hybrids & purely electric cars that emit nearly zero emissions, they’re taking the lead in affordable transport. The best part about hybrids is their seamless switching between the hybrid powertrain that saves big on fuel and produces minimal damage to the environment. Our dealership boasts many perfected hybrid & plug-in categories that are wholly economical.


Autonomous Vehicles

If electric & hybrid cars are the rage among consumers, so is the autonomous driving section of the market. Recently, a Toyota subsidiary acquired Renovo Motors, a company known for electrifying & automating a DeLorean to do donuts. The subsidiary previously also brought out Lyft’s self-driving tech division to work on an AV system. That marked Toyota’s debut into the self-driving vehicle race as Renovo has collaborated with Samsung to develop self-driving AI. With Toyota’s Teammate up and running as an advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), the future of autonomous Toyota is set!


Enhanced Digital Electronics

With so much reliance on digital electronics, they are finally the primary systems in modern cars to optimize & enhance the driving experience. Consumer demand has always been for safety, aesthetics, and luxury features. Still, the digital age & IoT has boosted the need for more connectivity and vehicle control in everyday electric & hybrid cars. There is immense competition in the automotive industry to make fully loaded digital electric cars available to the public at feasible price brackets.


Superior Safety Features

Every make comes out with their names for assistive technology & safety systems, but in essence, the goal is to deliver more safety & economic options. Cruise & traction control used to be the top features of their time, but now there are automated drive assist systems to keep the driver alerted to any nearing vehicles and to engage safety measures automatically by sensor triggers.


Deliver-To-Your-Doorstep Sales

Perhaps the best trend to benefit the automotive market is the rise in online sales. Be it new, used, or certified makes & models, many reputable dealerships have updated to online express buying to make car buying much more convenient in the age of the pandemic. Online sales make the car buying experience much more immersive because there are many custom options to build your dream car. The online sales also add a luxurious touch and are a throwback to when only supercars & luxury makes got an escort home!


While Toyota perfects the ADAS Level-2 Teammate, soon to hit the markets this fall, Eastern Shore Toyota, serving Saraland, AL, offers you all new 2022 hybrids in Avalon, Camry, Corolla, Highlander, & RAV4. Come on, reap the benefits of the strongest & most reliant makes in the world, and start your journey with your very own Toyota!

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