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December 11th, 2023 by

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Who doesn’t like a tech upgrade in their vehicle? Whether it’s automated parking or emergency auto braking, the innovative car tech of this year is driven (no pun intended) to make your life easier. With the advanced technologies and integration, you will find countless of your previously manual systems automated and your life more relaxed.

Looking for advanced car technology?Eastern Shore Toyota shares the top 5 trends in innovative car technology. Let’s have a look!

1. Autonomous Emergency Braking

This newer car technology has recently gained traction. Autonomous Emergency Braking works by constantly scanning the presence of other cars around. Whether you’re driving on a highway or passing by a street in the residential hub, automated emergency braking is likely to save many lives through its innovation.

2. Driverless Parking System

We know that self-driving is still not within reach of most people. But one technology has improved manifolds this year—the automated parking system. It can be managed through an app or by connecting your smartphone with the automated hub of your car and directing your car to park itself without any hassles.

3. Personal Automobile Assistant

Whether it’s Google, Siri, or Alexa, AI assistants have only helped us achieve one target: making our lives easier. But now, imagine if, instead of giving all those directions to your smartphone, you could get all the work done through your car. It’s not going to take longer when you can tell your car, “Hey Toyota, place an order for my groceries, and set up a meeting with Mr. X.”

4. Health Monitoring

Again, a feature from your phone to the car enables the tracking of heart rate and similar statistics for you as you sit buckled up in your seat. We are looking forward to furthering advancement in this area, such as when the car can let you know of your caloric expenditure and physical activity by staying connected to the smart-watch.

5. Elevated Car Safety

Recent cat safety features include lane departure warning systems, blind-spot detection systems, and advanced brake assistance systems. These features are designed to avoid accidents and make driving safer for everyone. In addition, many new cars now come equipped with advanced driver assistance systems that can help drivers stay in their lane, maintain a safe distance from other vehicles and even park their vehicles without incident.

If you want to stay ahead of the curve in today’s competitive market, it’s essential to know what new car features are available so you can choose the right vehicle for your needs. At Eastern Shore Toyota, serving Chickasaw, AL, we focus on delivering outstanding customer service that exceeds expectations.

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