Fixing Deep Scratches On Your Car – Tips & Advice!

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Learn more about tips and advice on deep car scratches

As a proud car owner, seeing your vehicle covered in unsightly scratches is devastating. The ugly scratches decrease your car’s resale value. Thankfully, there are ways to fix deep scratches on your car and restore it to its former glory.


From trying to handle it yourself to taking your ride to the nearest dealership, we list possible outcomes and how they can return your ride to its former glory.


What Are Deep Scratches?

Before we get into how to fix deep scratches, let’s first understand what they are. Deep scratches are usually caused by sharp objects like nails, keys, or animal claws. They go beyond the clear coat of paint and can damage the primer and paint layers beneath it. Deep scratches are more difficult to repair than surface scratches.


How Are They Different from Other Car Scratches? –

There are clear-cut ways to tell if you have a deep scratch. First, try running your fingernail over the scratch. If you can feel the grooves of the scratch, then it’s most likely a deep one. Another way to tell is by looking at the depth of the scratch. If it’s more than just a few millimeters deep, then it’s probably a deep scratch.


If the scratch is visible at a certain angle of light, then it is most likely a clear scratch, and the damage has not penetrated past the clear coat.


Ways to Fix Deep Scratches –

Deep car scratches need time and effort from your end; here’re a few DIY tips you can follow.


  1. Purchase a Scratch Repair Kit –

There are various repair kits in auto body shops. Visit your local auto store or purchase online. However, don’t forget to read instructions carefully before beginning the repair process.


  1. Use a Fine-Grade Sandpaper –

If you don’t want to spend money on a kit, you can try sanding the scratch down with fine-grade sandpaper. Start by wetting the area around the scratch and then gently rub the sandpaper over it in a circular motion. Once you’ve gone over the entire scratch, use a polishing compound to smoothen the surface.


  1. Apply Touch-Up Paint –

This temporary fix can help camouflage the scratch until you have time to repair it properly. You will need to find touch-up paint that matches the color of your car. Once you have the paint, apply it to the scratch with a cotton swab or toothpick. Apply a clear coat once the paint dries.


Professional Scratch Repair –

Some deep resistant scratches show no signs of withering; they need professional attention. Take your car to a renowned auto body shop, a paint-less dent repair shop, or a reputed auto service center. Professionals will assess the damage and determine the best course of action. A professional repair is expensive, but it will also give you the best results.


So, if you have a car with deep scratches and want to get rid of them without any hassle, schedule a service with Eastern Shore Toyota, serving Daphne, AL. We’ll ensure your car looks good as new!

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