4 Good Reasons Why Your Next Car Should Be A Used One

December 11th, 2023 by

Learn more about why your next car should be used

When you decide to get a used car, you might receive many odd stares from family & friends, but they don’t realize how financially feasible your decision is, given the current economy. With car prices averaging $45,000 for new makes, it really puts cars out of reach for many aspirants.


Here, investing in a used car comes to the rescue with impressive offerings you could not have imagined. So rather than deciding to hop from lease to lease or getting too pricy a new car, make sure your next one is used.


  1. Bulk of The Depreciation Has Stabilized

When you buy a new car, its depreciation drops in earnest for the first year by around 20%. This drop is a major inconvenience and results in a reduced markup when you sell the car within the year. In stark contrast stands the used car; with much of its depreciated value stable, one can actually sell the car at a profit.


  1. Lower Car Insurance Rates

With new vehicles, not only do you pay a high price, but if you are involved in an accident, the insurance will cover the cost of your vehicle and depreciation, but the premium will continue to rise. You won’t have to pay gap insurance or have your insurance rates go up if you get a pre-owned car with insurance.


So, what if your next car is a used one? Even if it’s one model behind, you are still getting a relatively better deal than you would with a new one!


  1. Reasonable Dealership Fees

Brand new cars are the Achilles Heel of impulsive buyers, and with the onset of the financing payments, the buyer’s remorse can set in, and it’s not a pleasant experience. Too many hidden costs & fees can spring up, putting strain on the cost of ownership. However, when you decide on a used car purchase, there are no aggressive sales pitches, forced add-on deals, and unnecessary fees. All you need to deal with is that documentation fees can vary across states, but apart from that, you are all set to be the owner of a pre-owned car!


  1. More Diverse Customization

In the case of new cars, one has to deal with the prices inflated by the dealership add-ons. And some of these add-ons are barely even needed. Even though these features are meant as an added convenience, that does not spell utility for every owner. But if you get a preowned car, you can upgrade your car’s add-ons as feasibly as possible without any needed costs showing up. The result is a car fitted with only the most optimal accessories you desire!

Not only is a used car affordable, but if you do your research right, you can land a reliable car with features bespeaking to you. At Eastern Shore Toyota, serving Mobile, AL, many high-performance used cars warrant your attention. Visit our dealership in Daphne, AL, or just iClick-N-Buy to shop online, and let us know how we can help with managing your car’s smooth purchase through financing options.


Servicing & parts are among our offers, so be sure to schedule service today!

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