How To Deal With An Overheating Engine?

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Learn more about how to deal with an overheated engine

If your car overheats while driving, it’s crucial to take action as soon as possible. Ignoring the problem will only worsen and could potentially damage your engine. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the signs of an overheating engine and what to do in such a scenario so that you can safely get to a professional like Eastern Shore Toyota.


We’ll also provide you with some things you should avoid doing to prevent further damage. Keep reading for more information!


Signs of an Overheating Engine

These are some of the key signs of an engine overheating problem:


  1. The temperature gauge on your dash is rising into the red zone.


  1. You may see steam or smoke coming from under the hood of your car.


  1. You may hear strange noises coming from the engine compartment.


Things To Avoid During Engine Overheating


  • Be aware, and don’t panic.


  • Don’t continue driving because that can lead to more permanent damage to your vehicle and possibly be dangerous for you.


  • Don’t use water to cool down your engine; it needs to cool down gradually.


  • Do not open the hood immediately as the steam or smoke coming from it may cause injuries.


  • Let the engine or engine components cool down before touching them or checking them.


  • Do not ignore the issue and get your vehicle immediately checked by a professional so this does not happen again.


How to Deal With An Overheating Engine?

In the event that any of the above signs of an overheating engine occur, then take the following steps:


  • Stop the car on the side of the road and turn off your engine to let your car system cool down.


  • If you cannot get off the road immediately, turn off the air conditioner.


  • Coasting in neutral to the side of the road may also be helpful.


  • You can also turn on the heater to help the heater take some heat away from the engine.


  • Give the engine time to cool, then open the hood to help the engine cool faster.


  • Inspect the engine area, and see if you can repair something for the time being to enable you to drive to your destination or the mechanic.


  • Check coolant levels. If the level is low, topping it off may be helpful.


What’s Next?

After some time, turn the ignition to the first position to check the temperature gauge. If the needle has dropped in the normal range, try starting your engine. If your engine doesn’t start, there is some noise coming from the hood, or the vehicle overheats again, we recommend calling a tow truck.


Is There A Way To Prevent My Car From Overheating?

The easiest way is to maintain your vehicle in good condition and get it periodically inspected by professionals. Periodic maintenance will help ensure that your car runs as efficiently as possible.


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