7 Secrets Spilled On Buying The Right Tire For Your Toyota!

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7 Secrets Spilled On Buying The Right Tire For Your Toyota!

Car owners must answer numerous questions when it’s time for tire replacement. What kind of tires do you need? What size? How to ensure you’re getting the best price? And once you’ve made your decision, how do you install them? In this post, we’ll discuss the basics of car tires purchase.

  • All Tires Are Not Created Equal –

Yes, tires are round and look alike; they’re made of rubber and have treads. And they are also the most critical safety feature of your vehicle. However, all tires are not created equal. Tires are designed specifically for different vehicle types and conditions. There are all-season tires, summer tires, winter tires, and even off-road tires. Choosing the right tire type ensures a smooth ride and optimal performance for your car.

  • Size Matters –

Tire size is not just a matter of aesthetics. The wrong size tire can throw off your car’s handling, braking, and fuel economy. You can usually find tire size information in your car’s owner’s manual or a sticker inside the driver’s door.

  • Tread Depth Matters –

Tire tread prevents the car from slipping and sliding on wet roads. When it comes to tire safety, tread depth is more critical than tread pattern. Car owners can inspect tread depth by inserting a quarter into the tread groove; if the top of Washington’s head is visible, you have less than 4/32 of tread remaining, and it’s time for new tires.

  • Know When’s The Right Time To Replace Your Tires –

Your safety on the road depends on having tires in good condition. Remember the following:

  • Your tread depth is 4/32 of an inch or less.
  • You can see cracks or cuts in the sidewalls.
  • The tire is more than six years old.
  • You feel vibrations in the steering wheel, seat, or floorboard.
  • Consider Tire Warranties –

You may be eligible for a tire warranty when you purchase new tires. This type of warranty protects against manufacturing defects and covers some road hazards. Be sure to ask about warranties when you’re shopping for new tires.

  • Shop Around for Replacement Tires –

Don’t settle for the first tires you find. Shop around and compare prices. You might find a better deal on tires elsewhere.

  • Don’t Forget About Tire Maintenance –

Once you have new tires, taking care of them is essential. Check air pressure levels regularly and rotate your tires every 5,000 miles. Following these simple tips can help your new tires last for years.

It’s no secret that new tires can improve your car’s performance and safety. At Eastern Shore Toyota, serving Loxley, AL, we ensure you can access the best car parts and accessories, including tires. We carry an extensive selection of top-quality tires from some of the most respected brands in the industry.

Whether you’re looking for brand-new tires or just need to replace a worn-out set, we have what you need.

Stop by our dealership today and let us help you find the right tires for your car.

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