Ranked & Spotless – Top 5 Car Cleaning Kits To Stock Up In 2022

December 11th, 2023 by

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Just like the old saying goes, there is no use crying over spilled milk. But what about spilled oil? Or gasoline? Garage messes can quickly turn into expensive clean-up jobs if you’re not careful. So, before that happens, take a look at Eastern Shore Toyota’s list of top 5 car cleaning essentials you need to own in 2022.


Who knows? Maybe this will be the year you finally get around to fixing up your ride! Spare yourself some time and money by being prepared ahead of time. And don’t forget: always read the instruction manual! Happy cleaning!


  1. Chemical Guys Microfiber Wash Mitt

The Chemical Guys Microfiber Wash Mitt is one of the most essential items on our list. It’s perfect for removing dirt, dust, and debris from your car’s surface without causing any scratches or swirls. Plus, the microfiber material is absorbent, so it can help soak up any excess liquids or chemicals.


If you’re looking for a quality wash mitt that will last for years to come, the Chemical Guys Microfiber Wash Mitt is a great option.


  1. 303 Touchless Sealant

The 303 Touchless Sealant is another car cleaning essential you won’t want to be without. It’s a unique product that helps protect your car’s surface from the elements, including UV rays, rain, snow, and dirt. Plus, it helps keep your car looking new for longer!


If you’re looking for an easy way to keep your car looking great all year round, the 303 Touchless Sealant is a must-have.


  1. Mother’s California Gold Clay Kit

The next up on our list of car cleaning essentials is the Mother’s California Gold Clay Kit. This auto cleaning kit comes with everything you need to remove contaminants from your car’s surface, including a clay bar and clay lubricant.

It’s the perfect way to keep your car’s paint looking new, and it’s a great way to protect your investment.


  1. Chemical Guys Snow Foam Car Wash

Next on our list is the Chemical Guys Snow Foam Car Wash. This car wash is specifically designed to remove dirt, grime, and other contaminants from your car’s surface. This one is an easy-to-use foaming car wash that is safe for all paint types. Simply spray it on, agitate with a brush or sponge, and rinse away. Chemical Guys are known for making some of the best car care products on the market, and this one is no exception.


  1. Armor All Extreme Tire Shine Gel and Applicator

Your car’s wheels are one of the first things people notice, so you want to make sure they’re looking their best. Armor All’s Extreme Tire Shine Gel and Applicator is a great way to do just that. This gel formula goes on quickly and provides long-lasting protection against UV rays, road grime, and more. Plus, it gives your tires a deep, dark shine that really makes them pop – metaphorically.


Before You Go

Whether you’re a proud owner of a brand new 2020 Toyota Camry or have had your car for years, taking care of it is a must. Not only will keeping your car clean to make it look nicer and perform better, but it can also improve your driving experience. If you want to keep your car looking great and running smoothly all year long, be sure to schedule a service appointment with our car cleaning  experts at Eastern Shore Toyota, serving in Bay Minette, AL. We would love to help in taking care of your vehicle!

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